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Cheap Party Tents

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There are various companies offering marquee hire in all of the UK ranging from Devon to Essex and across the Midlands all the way to Scotland. The popularity of marquees for different events, such as private parties and weddings, means that marquee hire companies are growing in demand. One of the ways to locate a high-quality marquee in the UK is by searching for a business using the internet or taking referrals from friends. Of course, specialised marquee hire can be challenging to locate, and it is essential that one consider whether or not the company offers these options before hiring them. This article will provide information on the different types of marquee hire businesses available in the UK.

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1. Wedding Marquee Hire

One of the most popular uses of a marquee is for wedding events, and this is because the marquee allows the entire wedding party to gather in a single communal area. You will be able to see all your friends and family at a single time; thereby creating a memorable and friendly atmosphere at the wedding. In the majority of cases, marquee hire companies will offer wedding planning packages to help arrange the event. The companies that do not will usually advise of suitable companies within the local area to help you organise things yourself.

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2. The Party Marquee Hire

In addition to weddings, a marquee is also beneficial for all types of parties ranging from graduation ceremonies to special family parties or Christmas staff events. Hiring this type of marquee is ideal as it offers venue space that can be easily customised for the event using disco lighting, visual displays and interior decorations. One of the greatest benefits of a party marquee is that it can be expanded in shape to allow for different areas such as a cloakroom, a ‘chill out’ area, or an area for catering staff to prepare drinks and food.

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3. The Corporate Marquee Hire

Corporate marquee hire options are designed for commercial events such as promotional events for companies and commerce. Typically this type of marquee is white in colour; however, there is astramarquees.co.uk company that will offer different colour options depending on the nature of the event. This marquee is beneficial for corporate situations because they can be expanded in size and can adjoin several smaller marquees or canopies adding additional seating or catering space. Corporate marquees will also present a positive impression of your business as being a modern company with a contemporary approach to events.