Robot Core – The Supreme Raspberry Pi Robot Controller

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The is a robot control board to the Raspberry Pi and Arduino which attracts many diverse components into one awesome package! Together with Robot Core you can now force your Raspberry Pi, command motors, servos and read sensors without having five extra boards to hook up. The boards may even be daisy chained with the I²C bus to incorporate much more functionality. It’s also compatible with all current and past generations of Raspberry Pis and various Arduino boards.   (The Raspberry Pi Zero will need 6 pin headers soldered for it).



● Main power input – 6.4V to 14V DC
● On-board DC-DC regulator for producing 5 volts, Capable of handling 6 Amps absolute load. (This also enables it to electricity the Raspberry Pi).
● Optional different distribution input for servos (approx 5-7.2 volts)
● Separate power input for Dynamixel servos

Motor drive:

● As much as 2 5 Amp continuous load DC motor outputs 
● Could be utilized as a set to drive a single stepper motor 
● Constructed protection protection against motor faults and overheating 
● Optional connector for a normally-closed EPO (emergency power off) switch 


● 16 bit PWM driver supplies exact positional output 
● Supports both digital and analog servos 
● Tuning GUI (graphical user interface) enables every servo to be set for the correct operational variety
● Start-up positions are also set for every servo 
● In accordance with 8 normal servo outputs

Dynamixel servos: 

● Two interfaces are supplied for linking Dynamixel servos 
● Support for multiple Dynamixel’s connected at the same time 
● Simple positional control functions make basic moves easy 
● All functionality of the Dynamixel servo is available via non invasive commands.
● Additionally, there are example python programs for discovering rouge servo baud speeds and ID’s. Also a means to place them once found. 


● As much as 4 HC-SR04 ultrasonic modules affirmed
● Filtered readings may be utilized for greater accuracy, unfiltered readings may be utilized for quicker readings 
● Readings are converted into millimeters by the supplied library


● In accordance with 8 12-bit analog inputs for sensors or feedback 
● Range of 0V to 5V for every input 
● Security from exceeding the inputs limitations
● Additional analog reading to the primary power voltage 
● Configurable warnings for non power


The board has applications supplied in the form of libraries and easy to utilize Python library for every one the board functionalities. Examples are provided for each functional part of the board using GUI interface.

To find out more about Robot Core and its possible uses, do visit their and earn a toast if you’re interested.