Cube robot car kit

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  • Construct a two-wheel Block shaped Cellular car with driving Capacities
  • Wirelessly Dominate the Vehicle using mobile devices (Mobile or iOS) with the Microduino mRobots Program
  • Employs the Microduino Series modules
  • Customizable Open Source code
  • Includes all required electronics and enclosure materials
    • 1x Microduino Core (328p)
    • 1x Microduino USBTTL-C
    • 1x Microduino Bluetooth (BLE) Module
    • 1x Shield Robot
    • 2x Motor
    • 2x Motor Mounts
    • 2x Wheel — 47mm
    • 1x Steel Ball Caster Wheel
    • 1x Li-ion (1S) Battery, 850 mAH
    • 1x MicroUSB Cable
    • 2x Motor Cable (red/black, Two Snare)
    • 1x Flathead Screwdriver
    • 1x Phillipshead Screwdriver
    • 4x Screw — M3X8
    • 4x Nut — M3
    • 4x Nylon Laps — M2x6+5
    • 4x Nylon Screw — M2x6
    • 4x Nylon Nut — M2
    • 1x Cube Car Enclosure Sheets

A Mobile Cube Car

The Microduino Cube Car is two-wheeled block car kit. The kit is intended to be fun and easy to build. Meanwhile, research about various modules and their purposes to make a cell car.

Wireless Control

The Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) processor (included) adds wireless communication into the Microduino Cube Car. The car may be remotely controlled by mobile devices running Android or iOS utilizing the Microduino mRobots app. Control in the app allows for forward, reverse and left / right steering.

Microduino Collection Modules

This kit comprises Microduino Series modules. The Microduino Series is a set of modules that are Arduino compatible, have a small form factor, stack-able, modular, and re-usable. The modules were intended for hobbyists and tinkers to quickly produce and prototype projects.

A Whole Kit

The kit contains everything required to generate the Microduino Cube Car. Electronic hardware in the embedded chip (Core module) into the motor controls and wheels are all included. Also contained are the precision laser cut enclosure pieces to house the digital hardware. A recharge-able battery can be included that may be recharged by way of a MicroUSB Cable into the bottom board. The Open Source code is provided and could be modified for individual customization.

Microduino Series For Your Committed Maker

The Microduino series is a 100 percent Arduino compatible open source hardware, yet compatible with all the Arduino IDE development environment and existing Arduino sketches.

For  the novice developers searching for an alternate to text-based programming, both drag and drop programming in Scratch and Mixly are both encouraged by the Microduino collection.

Smart, flexible, and compatible with all the Arduino ecosystem, designers have everything that they need to construct their own software!

Stack modules and upload the program

Follow the diagram to Make the outer display

Done! Share your creativity with other people