Choosing Wedding Shoes For Brides

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Bridal shoes are about more than just looking spectacular. Feeling fabulous in a gorgeous pair of shoes is definitely important, a lot more goes into selecting wedding shoes than you think.

Check out these top tips for choosing wedding shoes for brides to help you make the perfect footwear choice for your special day.

Comfort: You’ll be on your feet all day long, dancing, taking pictures, and greeting guests. While sky-high heels might look sexy, they won’t be visible under many styles of gowns, and it makes the chances of accidentally twisting your ankle or tearing your dress all the more likely. Go for a balance of chic style and reasonable comfort instead.

Useful info from Love Lane Boutique – Check with your venue to make sure they don’t restrict footwear. Some historic venues won’t allow spiky heels, to protect their wooden floors.

Style: This is your chance to shine! Don’t be afraid to go all-out and get that fantastic pair of shoes that you’d never dare to buy for any other occasion. If you’re going for a wedding theme, keep that in mind, and don’t be afraid to wear something other than white. Statement shoes are a thing!

Measurements: Give the measurements of your shoes to your dressmaker, so she can take them into account when fitting your wedding gown.

Break them in: Don’t wait until your wedding day to don your new footwear, unless you enjoy blisters. Break them in by wearing them around the house, sticking to carpeted areas.

Alternates: Consider bringing in a backup pair of comfortable shoes that might handle weather better than satin pumps?” perhaps white leather flats, in case you have to cross a puddle-soaked parking lot. Your maid of honor can have the backup pair ready, so you can keep the good pair pristine.

Using these tips, you’ll be able to purchase rainbow wedding shoes here as per your style and comfort, and you’ll have the best wedding shoes for brides that any wedding guest has ever seen!