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Different recalls have been introduced in Australia for Takata entrance passenger and driver airbags. Over the over two dozens years because the Egyptian automotive construction industry has grown from only three vegetation relying on mostly imported elements, to 16 businesses with 26 assembly strains, manufacturing today close to several hundred,000 models annually of passenger cars, mild industrial cars, vehicles, and buses, in addition to 300 factories that create most automotive parts (IDA’s Imaginative and prescient for your Automotive Business Report).

Though profitability ought to be revived when an financial rebound happens, it’s doubtful the home transaction can match previous ranges of earnings as a result of such elements because the intensive competition throughout all model traces, particularly those that were highly rewarding to U.S. manufacturers, the severe overcapacity that exists, and also the probable continuation of various incentive programs to buy or lease cars.

The reliance on superior software application and huge data to assist transcend a risky business will decide up its tempo next 12 months, substantially within the area of predictive analytics, that uses numerous methods from knowledge mining, data, modeling, machine learning and artificial intelligence to research present information to make predictions about the future.

We view semiconductor and software application suppliers as main beneficiaries of the climbing digital content material in vehicles, although automakers and component suppliers are working aggressively to grab. Adapting to fast know-how alterations whereas protecting costs aggressive presents key challenges for the the ordinary automobile business and know-how sector newcomers.

There may be potential for advancement across many locations, by the flourishing manufacturing and domestic markets in BRIC (Brazil, Russia, India and China) and other developing economies, into the analysis and improvement of ‘greener’ vehicles and fuels. Developments driving the automobile of the long run are empowered by extra complicated and smart electronics.


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Rife Machines Equipment, & Products

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Reputable Rife technology that’s user friendly.

Excellence in style and customer support.

Changing how that you protect your wellbeing.

Excellence in style and customer support.

Rife Machines, Rife Equipment, & Rife Products


(Engineered and manufactured in the USA.)

Precision technology is the hallmark of our Model A line of Rife machines.     Throwing off the limitations of “old school” Rife Machine thinking, our world class electronics engineers take pride in bringing you a radical instrument with the performance, sophistication and reliability worthy of this TACTIO (R) label.

Personalized customer support.
Warranty coverage that’s unsurpassed in the business.

We present to you value and performance our competitors can only dream about.

* With performance package option.


Our Model A3 device is constructed in the finest American-made, military grade enclosure. This provides you with the most hardy exterior in the industry

Highly dirt and moisture resistant, this exceptionally powerful, crush-proof outer part of the Model A3 will protect your device for many decades to come — at almost any environment.


The interior of Model A3 reveals our simple, no-nonsense solution to Rife system user interface. Electricity and activity lights let you know immediately the status of the power input and the signal outputsignal, without the unnecessary bells and whistles.

Easy to work with battery box, input section and output segments make Model A3 simple to understand and to function.

Centered on the USER


Modern and efficient surface mount components replicate the Model A3 circuit board. Our machines are manufactured at a high quality, professional electronic equipment assembly plant here in the USA. We’ve combined the superior benefits of the utmost reliability of personal automatic assembly, and the characteristics of these carefully practiced talents of skilled professionals.


Power and Control:

The massive output of this Model-3 A is controlled by means of a precision, wire-wound, analog, ten-turn potentiometer. This provides the user with supremely fine amplifier attenuation, instilling a positive, intuitive feel when applying to the most sensitive places.

Frequency Tuning:

Our breakthrough frequency management methodology utilizes both analog and digital technologies, joining the best of the two to the most complete frequency pruning in the industry by a huge margin. Expertly hand-tuned sessions are all automatic. We provide more than 320 titles based on our user successes. * Every session is recorded in our mythical Model B-27v7 vacuum-based frequency instrument. Truth is as high as one millionth of a single Hz, and every session includes the whole selection of therapeutic frequencies, specifically tuned and adjusted for each and every program. Goal numbers, both traditional and nontraditional, are connected into your precision unheard of in almost any preceding Rife machine. This provides you with the best chance possible for full, and unsurpassed success.

* All our hand-tuned frequency sessions are open to subscribed members at


Require the Choice Road to Optimal Well Being

Direct Target Application:

Immediate micro-current program enables you to deliver the ideal energy to some area of concern with total assurance it’s going to hit the goal and produce the type of changes you would like. Immediate current utilizes the most perceptible tissues of the body, the nerves and blood vessels, as conduit leading to some organ or body construction. There’s zero output squandered.

Intuitive Software:

Among the benefits of Model A3 is the fact that experienced users may pick their frequency range and output by way of the sensation. The way it seems states everything about where and how the power goes to get the job done. The body does not lie. But even the most novice user can always easily tell if they are getting enough or even power, just by how the energy seems. It is simple and effortless to adjust the power down or up to fulfill your comfort level, from moment to time during any given session. *

* Frequency and power are not the exact same thing. Model A3 provides excellent tuning on the output by means of a ten-turn amplitude dial. Frequency ranges are chosen via paths on our proprietary recorded sessions.

Professional startup videos and DVDs.

JWLABS provides extensive information covering a huge variety of related topics on-line, in addition to simple to follow startup and explanatory videos you can watch when you need a refresher course from the fundamental use of your Model A3. An instructional startup video is included with every device, and the movie is also available for viewing HERE.

Free unlimited active personal support & advancement administration.

Support to your system is always as close as your telephone. Only phone any JWLABS toll-free support line, and we’ll be present to assist you at any stage of your advancement. Weekly support is advised for new users, and also daily support is suggested for critical cases. Long term support for consumers is regular as well. This is helpful for people who have mastered this method, but need confirmation about a fresh program or updated info.

*Please be aware that we’re on Pacific time.

Get started with your Rife device now. Give us a call now!

888.891.1122 (toll free)

951.926.6415 (direct line)


Precision breeds confidence and reassurance.

Trust that the Machine

The new Model A3 Tactio device was re-engineered to serve the user. Superior components and ingenious technology coalesce to make a precision instrument that reacts perfectly to each human input. It does exactly what you tell it to. The user combines with the device and no one walks away unchanged.

Confident personal home therapy

With precision recorded sessions comes equitable private therapy. Micro-adjusted frequency tuning eliminates skip-over; and fully automated sessions remove any doubt that the goal was covered thoroughly many times in a couple of minutes. The program library is made up of sessions which are predicated upon the successes of our own users, together with our own machines.

This usually means that we are not pointing to the success of the others, and promising to do exactly what they have done without knowing it’s so. Model A3 was created over many years and involved tens of thousands of JWLABS consumers to eventually arrive at the best machine performance. Performance that readily satisfies the requirements of almost any user regardless, of their condition of health.

Unbelievable flexibility:

Model A3 is ideal for use with our on-line Rife Session Library in It may be used with your tablet or laptop for optimum portability. Also with a personal CD player, a TV, or even anything that plays a CD, or offers on-line internet access.

The device comes with a universal power adapter, so that you may easily plug it in the wall in virtually any state of the planet. Model A3 may be battery powered; simply insert 4 dual A. (AA) batteries. Or, you may use the optional USB cable and force the instrument with almost any powered USB port.

Tactio® Feature Exclusive:

Model A3’s signature TACTIO® feature lets you utilize it like a networking adapter. Simply utilize music instead of a session recording and Model A3 will instantaneously convert ANY sound signal into a therapeutic output. You may even use it at parties or concerts. It is music therapy! Introduce people to the therapy with no medical consequences whatsoever. It is music which you can feel! It is just entertainment!

30 decades of background:

A legend of hope, ” a culture of commitment.

The JWLABS Rife system is a trusted therapy in many countries of the Earth, and has been used by politicians, billionaires, movie stars, sports icons, top scientists, physicians and clinicians worldwide since 1987. These people today rely on the almost infinitely variable session parameters we now provide, employing the huge quantities of possible session routines available. Concerning permanent reliability, the dynamics of Model A3, with its amazing variability and mobile versatility is unsurpassed.

Its software are easily and effortlessly customized to accommodate any applicable need in almost any situation. This usually means that the user may use Model A3 in the privacy of their home with confidence and effectiveness, just like clinicians and professionals can incorporate the machine by using their ability set.

We like endorsements and excitement from private users and wellness professionals worldwide!

Power & Performance

LiveWires Performance Package A-3.4

Innovations in performance & power take JWLABS Model A3 into another level.

The Enhanced Performance Package

Model A3 versatility can be further improved with the operation package which includes the JWLiveWires alternative. This accessory provides two extra electrodes, for a total of six (6).

Simply plug your LiveWires in to Model A3 to expand its own power by around 100%. You now have a staggering 136 liter of total output power.

The LiveWires Option

With the LiveWires option, not only can you easily add a couple more electrodes for your personal therapy, you may add someone else during any given session. LiveWire has its own amplitude control and separate input. This also means that you can utilize Model A3 as a multiple tide frequency device.

The A model from JWLabs completely turned my life around.

D. D.

Finest machine made-whatever that the price tag! I’d arthritis on both palms with 30% grip strength in 2004. Rife by jwlabs solved the problem in 2 months and I’ve been fine since.

Steve C.

I love using the Model A3. The Model A3 is really simple to use, simply push the play button off we go.

Susan G.

I’ve been using the JWLABS Rife machines to get 8 or more decades now. Mostly as a preventative measure against colds and influenza, and I have been thrilled with the results.

J. G.

We’do exactly great with our JWLABS Model A3 machines. We love these!

B. & D. P.


It is well recognized that using Model A3 quite often has prophylactic advantages. Expertly tuned direct current applications optimize the purpose of a suppressed immune system like the user becomes more immune to opportunistic disease.


Contagious disease is not a problem. With regular use of Model A3, your method is super-charged to withstand disease. It is reasonable to anticipate that, upon exposure to infectious diseases, you will not contract the illness. Or you’ll have a mild case.


Together with Model A3 you can intervene at a health emergency, for yourself and others. Utilize your system to promote healing of sprains, breaksand surgical procedures, along with other harms. Prepare to be amazed by your hastened retrieval!

*1 Accessible with Performance Package.
*2 All 320+ names of frequency sessions are available to subscribed members at
* These statements should not be construed as claims, but are based on visible outcomes and the simple science of this tech.
* All clients agree on terms of use.

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Shore up machines

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Teaching machines about family law

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The Legal Design Lab has a new addition: Metin Eskili has joined us as our new full-stack programmer. He will be working together on accessibility to justice software that we will be growing and researching in house (in-lab).

Our first big project is in machine learning. That is an exploratory endeavor, that is feeding into a much larger Access to Justice/AI campaign we anticipate to take a few years. We’re seeing what’s possible today, in practice a system to have the ability to recognize unique households of legal problems, or even very fine-grained particular problems.

The tiny initial task we’re focused on is being able to properly classify official, legal or court aid self-help resources. We want to have the ability to state what exact legal problem these distinct guides, forms, FAQs, and timelines refer to. This will help us in our overall project, once we plan to link people more directly to the finest legal resource to meet their own legal issue.

Scraping and Labelling

Metin has assembled a scraper to go through all of the courtroom and statewide legal self-help sites. It is collecting up all of the guides, forms, FAQs, decision trees and other materials which have been printed by judges and legal aid groups, to help people without attorneys undergo court procedures.

All those parts of web pages really are making a corpus of ‘official authorized self explanatory guides’, and that I am labelling. I am starting with high tags of household, housing, immigration, cash, job, and schooling. Then we’ll get to fine-grained categories, like particular kinds of divorce, tragedy, visas, harassment, etc..

Beginning to predict high-level families of problems

At the same time as we’re doing so labelling, we’re training our system learning version — we’re utilizing the library Spacy and also the tool Prodigy — then have the ability to predict that household of problems or specific issue is present in a given paragraph, sentence, or page.

We’re focusing our first training on Family Law. To do this, I have been coaching the version on which ‘seed phrases’ belong to law. This usually means providing a first collection of approximately 20 terms to the machine which would suggest a family law problem might be present. Then the system returns to me a very long list of other conditions that it thinks might also signal law. I check or x off those phrases, to better educate it on ‘seed phrases’.

After we get this list of approximately 500 assessed or x-ed seed phrases, we feed back into the model. It looks over our ‘corpus’ of legal self-help materials, and attempts to classify them. It creates a forecast of that of the self-help materials likely need related to family law or never. Then it presents back to me, and that I go through and check or x away that actually are linked to family law or never.

Check in: Will the device see the family law nonetheless?

Once I finish checking or x-ing off roughly 1500 different entries, to inform the device if the self explanatory information is about Family Law or never, we then check back with the version. We want to see whether it can accurately predict if a given statement indicates a Family Law issue is present or not. This helps us see just how much more training we will need to perform.

Here is our latest check with our version. We enter in a declaration, and ask the model to inform us exactly what the percent probability that a family law problem is present or not.

You are able to observe that it’s very sure — 99% sure — on the majority of the family law problems — when it sees a statement around dissolution, falling out of love with a spouse, adopting a kid, or enrolling a grandkid in college.

Non-family law problems — around landlords, or around human trafficking — the version is really great at stating conclusively: there is around 0 percent chance that this is a family law problem.

The Gray Zone of depicting lawful problems

We’re also interested gray-zone difficulties, such as getting immigration visas for relatives. Lawyers could say it is an immigration law issue, rather than a family law issue. But many lay people we talk to would appear under ‘household’ to try to learn resources. The version provides it a 81% forecast as a family law problem. If we just inquire about getting a green card, it extends down to 69% forecast of law.

Another gray-zone is around health care. As soon as we ask the version about getting medical care for the kid, it provides us a 96 per cent forecast of a family law problem. Lawyers will probably be saying — visit the health law department, you should not be in law. But lay people we’re interviewing are stating if it involves caring for kids, they’d be on the lookout for this to be around family law, also would be phrasing sentences which focus on relatives and situations.

These gray-zone problems (around immigration courses for household members, special education programs for your kids, health care for your kids, debt linked to child care) — point us to why attorneys’ categories and segmentation of problems do not work for people.

That is why another component of our big project is to steer from having people manage to browse attorneys’ categories. Instead of direct people to sites where they must determine where attorneys put the answers they need — we want to have the ability to label the tools and people’s questions with particular problem codes, which means that we are able to better fit them.

As we explore what impactful programs of AI we could develop for access to justice, then we’ll do a lot more work, with some quite exciting partnerships in the pipeline. This exploratory work is helping us teach ourselves about what might be possible, and how we could employ new classifiers or even ontologies in purposeful ways.

Rockin’ Wheels by Micro Machines

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How cool are these Micro Machines official group tour vehicles! AC/DC, Deep Purple, Mötley Crüe, Cinderella … all logo’d up and prepared to rock ‘n roll!   There was also a Whitesnake set published, however this is not shown on the 1992 Galoob catalog pages I scanned. As for the other groups in the lineup… never…

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